Crappy Customer Service

I’ve posted here before about customer service, both good and bad.

Here’s an example of really bad.

On January 8, we purchased a new refrigerator at Best Buy.  It’s a high-end Kitchen Aid model that my wife and daughter had found and really wanted.  It was not the cheapest purchase out there, but had some nice features they wanted.  The unit has 2 doors above, and a freezer drawer below.

The refrigerator was delivered and installed on February 5.  We noticed over the weekend that the light switch on one side was not working correctly — the door would be opened and the light would not come on.  It was almost certainly not working from the moment it was delivered and plugged in, but we didn’t notice right away because of the way we put things in: we didn’t open that side much.  Even so, we opened that door no more than 1o times before we noticed the problem.

Because of travel and other appointments, Kathy was only able to call Best Buy today.  They referred her to Kitchen Aid’s service hotline and said it was Kitchen Aid’s problem.  So Kathy called them to arrange to have someone fix this.

Here’s the rotten punchline — the refrigerator we paid a premium for, that we have had for less than a week — is out of warranty!  They have a 30 day warranty against defects, but they claim it starts from the date of purchase!  Thus, we are going to be charged to fix a problem that was present in the refrigerator when it was delivered.

Needless to say, this is the last appliance we buy from either Best Buy or Kitchen Aid.   I recommend you seriously consider avoiding both for any of your purchases, too.  It is clear they only care about the sale and nothing at all about customer satisfaction.


Update 2/12

The service guy came out today and found a faulty circuit board.  He admitted it was faulty and told us that whoever we talked to on the phone from Kitchen Aid was wrong.  He replaced the board, reset the controller, and there was no charge.

I am a bit less upset now with Kitchen Aid, although their phone service center people need some training.  The Best Buy 30 day warranty, however, is still a pile.


19 Responses to “Crappy Customer Service”

  1. Chasey, David A Says:

    Don’t they have a 90 day return policy????



  2. Henry Schaffer Says:

    I think that you should escalate this with both Best Buy and Kitchenaid. Having the warranty mostly run out before delivery of the device is idiotic since you can’t run/test it before delivery. Perhaps Best Buy can move the purchase date to the date of delivery to fix this, or Kitchenaid might respond if this is pointed out clearly to them directly to their Executive officers.


  3. Lance Hoffman Says:

    Spaf, Have you considered sending this to The Haggler , and letting him publicize to a wider audience?


    On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 10:16 PM, Spafs Thoughts wrote:

    > spaf posted: “I’ve posted here before about customer service, both good > and bad. Here’s an example of really bad. On January 8, we purchased a new > refrigerator at Best Buy. It’s a high-end Kitchen Aid model that my wife > and daughter had found and really wanted. ” >


  4. simsong Says:

    We typically get the extended warrantee when we buy major appliances from Best Buy. Did you buy it with a credit card? You may have warrantee extension.


    • spaf Says:

      I will pursue that option, but it is annoying.

      Extended warranties are usually a loss. It is insurance. And with the (supposed) 30 day warranty, we didn’t see a need.


  5. amy Parker Says:

    Screw that shit! What credit card did you use? I never heard of a major appliance without a 12 month warranty.

    Too bad you aren’t here. We could run over to the Sears scratch & Dent and stuff another one in my Element and take it home. And all their stuff has a 12 month warranty.


  6. dpsims Says:

    I have the same refrigerator and a similar situation with the women in my life… They like stuff because of the way it looks and not the way it works…. There are any number of avenues that you can take including the consumer protection agency… Just go see Best Buy’s customer service and let them know that you are not “satisfied” with their service…. A thirty day warranty on a new major appliance is not acceptable…
    On the other hand, an extended warranty is a good buy with Kitchen Aid appliances….


  7. Joyce Hall Says:

    Sometimes you have to get ugly with them. I had Home Depot do some work on cabinet doors. They were bursting on the seems
    so I stopped by to get them to come out and look at it. They said, we have to charge you 79.00 to come out and look at it. I said no you don’t so get someone out to my house and talk to whoever you need to up the line to get it straightened out. Well, long story short, they came out without charge. They replaced most of the doors, then I noticed that the finish on the new replaced doors had a grain and the ones left were more shiny. They had to come out and replace all the “shiny” doors. No cost to me. Customer service is terrible. I hate having to get ugly with people but I just say, let’s go up the line, who do I need to talk to next.


  8. Patrick Harren Says:

    KitchenAid refrigerators have a one year warranty. The 30-day warranty is on the water filter.


  9. Gail Says:

    Gene, go higher up the food chain in Best Buy. A regional manager might be more help.


  10. Nancy Grenard Says:

    Spaf, I had very poor customer service from Regions Bank a coupe of years ago. I posted on their main FB and Twitter pages my complaint. Within 30 minutes I had a response on both FB and Twitter asking me to DM them with my phone nbr.

    I did that and soon got a phone call. Situation was handled to my satisfaction. They refunded ALL of the excessive fees they had charged me for “insufficient” funds in a checking account. They hadn’t told me they’d imposed a new fee structure when I refinanced thru Salin. I had over $1000 in the account but they set a new minimum of $1500 with a fee of $18/mon. It was just an extra account that I didn’t closely monitor because I knew it had more than the minimum and I didn’t need the funds.

    Read a book a couple years ago that said companies hire staff to monitor their social media profiles to nip negative comments right away.

    You might try this.

    Sent from my iPhone



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