Sometimes, Stuff Happens

So, I’m sick with bronchitis, and trying to recover. The doc has given me medicine with great juju, but it makes it difficult for me to concentrate and I’m a bit dizzy.

Spousal unit asked me to bring in the garbage bin from the street. She left the garage door open for me to do so. I spaced on it because of the medicine, and we all went to sleep with the garage open.

While we were sleeping, someone came in to the house thru the garage. They went through the main floor and took my wallet, Kathy’s purse, all our laptops, and all the iPods. And Kathy’s iPhone. About $5000 in replacement costs. 😦 The main desktop computers got left, so we’re not completely disconnected.

No one was hurt — in fact, we never heard anything and were undisturbed.

We’ve been with the police all morning. I have all the serial numbers, and several of the items were engraved in spots, so there is a better chance we may identify them. The credit cards are all cancelled. The police got some physical evidence that may be useful. We shall see.

And yes, I have backups of the computers. Offsite backups of my mail computer, in fact.

Now, we have to chase around and get replacements to wallet items, such as driver’s licenses, Purdue ID, bank cards, and so on. I also need to talk to people at the cell phone store about replacement options.

I’ve had stuff stolen before, so I’m not really freaked out about this. I am quite annoyed, however.

It’s a learning experience, too. From now on, the alarm system will get set every night. And I’m probably going to get that firearm license after all. Not that having a gun around would have helped in this instance, but it might be useful in some future instance. Not to mention that having weapons handy gives me something to discuss with Elizabeth’s dates. 😉

My life is one set of joys after another.

18 Responses to “Sometimes, Stuff Happens”

  1. Greg Fredreickson Says:

    What a pain!

    But don’t get a gun. It’s hard to control how they’re used,
    and bad things happen when guns are shot.


  2. Marlene Walls Says:

    Do you realize how much more likely you are to be shot if there is a gun in your house? I don’t recall the exact statistics at the moment and cannot locate them through a quick google search but the pediatrician that would ask the questions of “whether there was a gun in the house?” along with “do you use seat belts?” every time I took the kids for an annual exam quoted something like “86 times”, I think. Better to lock your doors. Most crooks are lazy and just look for the easy target.

    —— A Cautious Canadian

    See related article:


  3. Michael Knight Says:

    I hope you get better soon and the Police can maybe recover some of your items. Did you have any tracking software on your laptops?

    Its worse when someone has access to your house when you sleep. It happened to me about 10 years ago and It took a while to feel safe again.

    Good luck and get well soon.



  4. Steve Greenwald Says:

    How awful! I feel very glad no one got hurt.

    Well, I do recommend getting an AR-15 so you can respond like I did when three thugs broke down our door in broad daylight with me inside. But if you don’t like that, I do suggest a festive sign like we made for Xmas (with thanks to Futurama):




  5. Victor Raskin Says:

    I am sure I am stating the obvious but your homeowners’ insurance should cover virtually all the costs, including the cash stolen and even the cost of the wallets, purses, replacement costs for the drivers’ licenses. My very helpful insurance agent dragged all that information out of me after I had been robbed in Barcelona. So I thought I would mention all this to you in case your agent is less helpful in making sure that your monetary be reduced to zero or as close to it as possibe.


    • spaf Says:

      The very nice police officer who took the report pointed that out to us, although I already knew that.

      The WL police were really wonderful about this. My encounters with them have always been positive, even when under bad conditions.


  6. Tom Jagatic Says:

    Yuck! Sorry to hear about the recent misfortune. I’ve done the same thing with the garage door myself (this week in fact). Firearms wouldn’t have improved the situation–a criminal was being an opportunist. Your headline sums it up eloquently. Sometimes (bad) stuff just happens. Hope the situation improves with the bronchitis and hopefully a recovery of stolen goods.


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  8. Kip Says:


    I’m sorry to hear this. My Jeep got broken into about a month ago and I can relate to the feeling of having something broken into and stolen.. It takes a while to shake that sense of being violated.

    I hope they catch the bastards that did this.

    You need a dog. it doesn’t need to be a yippy one… We have 2 labs.. They don’t yip. They just bark when someone comes to the door, comes into the house, walks toward the house.. walk down the street, drive down the street, when squirrels walk in the yard, when nuts fall out of trees, and when leaves fall out of trees. I might have forgotten a few things that they bark at, but it’s not bad.


  9. mehmet Says:

    Verry sorry to hear this at AUM and SDPS conference that you could not attend and speak at as an invited speaker. Your name was in the local paper honoring this intern’l gathering. I hope they (robbers) knew they broke in to a security expert’s residence and they should regret it. Best luck and GodSpeed.


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