Nice Kitty II

Here are some further observations about Snow Leopard (read my first post if you have not yet done so).

  • Any Appletalk printer you were previously using now needs to be reconfigured as an IP printer or directly connected in some way. It appears that Appletalk is no more.
  • The “Services” menu now needs to be configured for the services you want. It has changed quite a bit so pay close attention the first time you try to run it.
  • Any previous icon changes get un-done. I used CandyBar to change my icons before. Version 3.2 of CandyBar works under Snow Leopard, but now I have to figure out what changes I want to reinstall.
  • All my rules in LittleSnitch appear to have been reset or lost. 😦 It is annoying to have to reenable them all again. THis also caused a bunch of things to not work correctly when I first tried them.
  • My Marine Aquarium screensaver, version 2.6, doesn’t work any more. The vendor appears to have been caught by surprise and is researching how to fix it. The current revision is at 3, so I guess I need to buy an update eventually.
  • Remote Desktop needs to be reinstalled.

I didn’t install Rosetta, so I am now discovering many ancient programs that were not compiled as universal binaries. Most of them I can live without, and others have updates I should get (and/or purchase).

Other than the runaway hdiutil process, the systems have been behaving well and performance seems quite good.

Oh, and one nice thing about the widgets on Dashboard is that they seem to load an order of magnitude faster than under 10.5. The response from calling up Dashboard to actually useful widget is now short enough that I might start using the feature!

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